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Kaboom Bathroom Cleaner: check the current price here


I’m always on a mission to find the perfect bathroom cleaner, and I keep trying different one to find the best of the best! I’m old school and I don’t hesitate to resort to good old Comet or Clorox bleach when heavy duty cleaning is needed.  I’ve seen the commercials for Kaboom Bathroom Cleaner and wanted to give it a try.

Lately I’ve been buying cans of the generic brand of Scrubbing Bubbles at the dollar store for the shower walls and bathroom sinks.  At $1 the price was right and I feel as though it works just as well as the Scrubbing Bubbles brand bathroom cleaner.  I still wind up using a spray cleaner with bleach sometimes as well.

Kaboom with Oxi-Clean

I was in Walmart picking up cleaning supplies when I noticed the purple can of Kaboom bathroom cleaner.  The can caught my eye because of the pretty purple and green colors and the logo.  After reading the can I decided to give it a try, it claimed to clean without needing hard scrubbing.  A bonus was the fun color changing aspect. The foam sprays on a bright blue color and then turns to white.  This is a cool feature, hey, mom-world gets monotonous at times but you know it’s bad when you’re looking to bathroom cleaner for a little fun!  I sprayed the cleaner on the tub and tile and waited while the blue foam turned white.  Then I wiped the surfaces with a wet cloth and rinsed with water.

For areas with more soap scum leave the foam on a little longer before wiping off.   I did leave the foam on a little longer after it turned white, hoping to really give it a chance to work on the soap scum areas.  I used the Kaboom Foam-Tastic bathroom cleaner on both ceramic tile and the walls of a plastic shower enclosure.  Maybe it was the added Oxi Clean in the Kaboom Foam-Tastic that made it work better than the other cleaners.  After it turned white I wiped the foam off the surfaces with a wet sponge in a circular motion.  Be sure to keep rinsing the sponge. After wiping off the Kaboom Foam-Tastic I rinsed and splashed the surfaces with clean water.

Kaboom bathroom cleaner Results

Lo & behold a sparkling clean bathroom!  I was pleasantly surprised with the results., no hard scrubbing needed. I would recommend you try Kaboom Foam-Tastic with the power of Oxi Clean which you can buy here and I will be stocking up on it myself!



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