How to make Giant Paper Flowers



How to make giant paper flowers for a paper flower backdrop:

You can make just a few of these giant paper flowers to use as decorations, or make a whole bunch to fill an entire wall to use as a photo backdrop at a party, shower or wedding.  A paper flower backdrop looks especially pretty behind a dessert table.

Supplies Required:

-Paper: 9 sheets of 60lb 8.5″x11 US letter size card stock.  Practice making these paper flowers with regular copy paper first, instead of card stock,  until you get the hang of it.

-Scrap piece of cardstock for the base.


– Hot Glue Gun

-A petal template, either draw your own or download a template online.

Cut out the petals in 3 sizes, cut 6 petals of each size

Cut out a circle for the base using 1 sheet of paper, 6-8 inch round


Paper Flower Backdrop, Paper Flower Wall - giant paper flowers |

At the base of the petal, cut a 2″ slit. This will create two flaps.

At the base of the petal, cut a 2″ slit. This will create two flaps.

Flip the petal so that the widest part is on the bottom. Roll the petal away from you, to create a curl.

Now flip the petal back so the base with the two flaps is at the bottom. You will glue the flap so that it overlaps the other. By doing this, it will cause the petals to sit at an angle instead of laying flat. For the outer layers, you do not want your petals to angle too much, so do not overlap the flaps too much. As you move in, the petals should stand straighter, so for your medium and small petals, you want to glue the flaps so they overlap more.

Add a little bit of glue to one flap and overlap the other. Remember: for the largest petals, you do not want to overlap the flaps too much, or the petals will stand up too straight. Do this to all 6 of the large petals.

Now, you’re going to attach all 6 large petals to form a bowl shape. Add a line of glue to the edge of one petal. Attach the next petal on. Continue adding on petals to form a bowl.

Repeat all the steps above for the medium and small petal. You should end up with 3 petal bowls. Flip over the largest bowl and glue a small piece of scrap cardstock to the bottom to act as a base.  Now, add some glue to the bottom of the medium bowl and insert it into the large bowl. Next, add some glue to the smallest bowl and insert into the medium bowl.

To make the center of the flower, take a sheet and fold it in half length-wise.cut a fringe, but make sure you cut from the side that is folded. Don’t cut all the way through; leave about a half inch gap from the edge.  Roll up the fringed sheet and glue as your rolling to keep it in place.  Stand it on it’s end and then you can play with it a little to smush it down; spread it out, etc.  Glue in center of smallest bowl of petals.


This is a very versatile technique and you can get so many different flowers just by changing the petal shape, size, color, and the center.


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