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They say “Laughter is the Best Medicine”, and I totally agree! When I’m feeling down or blue a laugh, smile, funny joke, funny TV show or funny movie usually helps me feel a little better – that and a little chocolate! Laughter helps reduce stress, and lighten the mood. Here are ten ways to add a little smile to your life:

1. Visit the website ahajokes and read a few good jokes.
2. Go to youtube and in the search box enter “funny stuff” and you’ll have your pick of funny videos to watch.
3. Watch a funny movie, list of top funny movies:www.imdb.com/list/ZvEJPFwX1XA/
4. Sign up to receive a joke of the day emailed to you.
5. Pull a prank on someone, at work or at home.
6. Startle someone, hide behind a door, wall, or in a closet and pop out at them shouting BOO! You’ll both get a good laugh.
7. Watch episodes of America’s Funniest Videos.
8. Listen to stand-up comedy on iTunes or Pandora.
9. Call up your funny friend and invite them to have dinner with you.
10. Stand in front and practice laughing. Try belly laughs, chuckles, laugh out loud laughs.

And here’s one more: Try to make someone else laugh. Do whatever it takes, go on the internet and find some funny jokes, do stupid tricks, tell them funny stories, jump up and down on one foot, stand on your head, play them a funny video, make fun of yourself…do whatever you have to to get them to laugh – and in the process you’ll get a good laugh too!

Next time you need a laugh give one of these a try!


Comments by readers:

  • There are times when I will recall a hilarious memory, like a friend’s sledding accident, and start laughing like a crazy person.
  • Boy could I use a good laugh after such a lousy day. Thanks for your advice.
  • I like pulling a prank on someone!! :))
  • Good advice
  • Great stuff found in your treasure chest :)
  • Made me smile just reading this
  • I watch cartoon or comedy movies when I am down :)

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