The Small Business Learning Center provided by the SBA is an online service that offers entrepreneurs access to training videos and information about entrepreneurship, finance, government contracting and marketing. Technical requirements include the use of Adobe Reader and Flash Player, and students are asked to fill out an optional demographic survey before the start of the online training session.

Encore Entrepreneursis a 30-minute session geared towards company-based professionals who are interested in becoming small business owners. Viewers will learn about what kinds of businesses can be started with very little capital and what types of nonprofit resources are available to those who are interested in pursuing a new line of work.

The Young Entrepreneurs class takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and may help potential business owners decide not only if entrepreneurship is right for them, but also whether or not their business idea will work. This course is presented in an audio-visual format and provides information about the different types of business models, financing, must-do steps, ownership options and resource sharing.


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