Monkey Fist Knot Nautical Decor DIY Tips

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Monkey Fist Knot Nautical Decor DIY Tips

  • Watch a lot of youtube videos on how to tie a monkey fist knot. ┬áKeep watching videos until you find one that makes sense to you.
  • Use coarse rope as you learn, the softer rope can be too slippery and harder to work with at first.
  • Insert the ball after making the second round of wraps.
  • Wrap slightly loosely and then tighten up all the monkey fist wraps at the end.
  • For a finished look that won’t separate add little lines of hot glue between the ropes and press them together after you’ve finished wrapping the entire monkey fist knot.
  • Practice practice practice and don’t give up, you’ll soon get the hang of it!













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