DiY July 4th Picnic Decor


  • DecoArt paint red, white, blue, brown and black.
  • Nicole™ Crafts Wood Crate with Chalkboard & Scalloped Wood Stand with Chalkboard
  • Nicole™ 5/8″ Star Paper Punch
  • Soft Cloth, Cosmetic Sponge, Large & Small Flat Paint Brushes, Scissors & Copy Paper

Add stars and stripes to a wood crate and sign to easily deck out your 4th of July cookout’s tablescape! The versatility of the chalkboard surfaces lets you use these red, white and blue painted products for so many summer functions.

  • Note: Let paints dry between applications.
  • Crates:
    Step 1: Mix Brown and Black to form a Dark Brown color. In sections, brush mix onto the crate with large flat brush, avoiding the chalkboard. Wipe with soft cloth to create stained look.
    Step 2: Use the same flat brush to dry-brush Blue onto the non-chalkboard end of crate. Use the same brush and technique to add alternating stripes of Red and White on the sides of the crate.
    Step 3: Create a star stencil with the paper punch and copy paper. Trace the star in several different places on the Blue-painted sides of the crate. Use the cosmetic sponge to paint the stars White.
    Step 1: Repeat the staining process on the chalkboard stand.
    Step 2: Using a small flat brush, dry-brush White and Red stripes on vertical stand. Dry-brush bottoms of stand in Blue. Use punched-paper star to apply white stars to base.
     All the supplies for this easy diy craft are available at your local A.C.Moore store, don’t forget to use an A.C.Moore coupon!


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